How To Install A TV And Conceal Wires

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How To Install A TV And Conceal Wires

Installing a TV can a challenging process as you may end up messing up with the overall aesthetic value of your own house. It is never an easy thing for a newbie or even the most experienced technicians in this field. The hanging/dangling wires can be a safety hazard too. Basically, they spoil the perfection that a flat screen TV does provide.

To achieve this noble objective, there are simple factors that you must put at the back of your mind. I am sure no one will be happy when they’ve installed their flat screen televisions and they have wire that hang below the screen.

There are different approaches on how to achieve this. Others may be trial and error, though thou, they may work. As a general rule, when you’re planning to conceal the Las Vegas TV installation wires, it should be that method approved by the electricians.

There are two virtues you need as figure out how to install a TV and conceal wires. That is expertise and patience. Otherwise, you can find the process really challenging and frustrating.

Concealing TV installation wires

Do you have any available options?

You should begin the process by figuring out the simple and affordable techniques. These may be temporary or permanent options. For instance, you can install the television such that, you’re able to hide the wires behind a furniture of curtains.

The second option, which is considered a permanent option is to run the cables through the wall. This may involve drilling or cutting. This will depend on the nature of the wall. Whether it is a concrete or a wooden wall. In case you go for this option, then there a number of factors you should consider and these include:

  1. Examine the wall and try to establish the material it was manufactured from. For instance, most TV installation service providers recommend hollow drywalls. It will be easier to install them on such wall as opposed to the solid concrete walls.
  2. Is there need for insulation? A drywall within the house is highly recommended.
  3. Get the necessary tools from the nearest hardware. Some of the crucial tools and equipment you may need include drill, cable sockets, cutters, cable sockets, screwdrivers, bolts, etc.

Another option, which is popular is hiding the wires in the decorative moldings. It should be a decorative molding that blends well with the overall interior decoration of the room. The good thing about this technique is that it may not involve complex operations. You can hide, conceal the wires within a short period of time.

How should you begin the process?

You need to examine the right location where you want to install the flat screen TV. You need to consider that place you’ll be comfortable with based on the size of the room and the size of the flat screen TV. You can use tape to layout the exact size of the TV. This is better than drawing the wall.

Again, you need to buy the recommended cables. As a rule of thumb, you need to buy cables that are slightly longer that what you may need. Again, you should determine the distance between the back of the flat screen TV and the wall.

As much as you’d wish to run the cables on the wall, you should note that it is against the electric codes to run the flat screen TV power cord or even its extension on cord inside the wall.

How exactly should you hide the codes?

You need to note the following key factors:

  1. You should determine the location of the stud frame. A stud finder is handy when it comes to this. This is important when you want to run the cables through the stud framing.
  2. You should only drill the wall after you’ve ensured that there is no obstructions. Drill all the holes carefully without messing up with the wall’s surface.
  3. You must insulate the ends of the cables using an electric tape.

To make the whole process easy and simple, there are a number of cable management system available in the market. Just purchase one and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.