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Flat Screen TV Brands Makes And Models

The tech enthusiasts are happy when they are associated with the latest flat screen TV brand

makes and models. They’ll always strive to acquire the best gadget no matter how much it costs.

The biggest challenge is, the technology in this industry is changing too fast to cope up with.

Most of them find it difficult to get the latest models in the market.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen them transition from the cathode ray tubes (CRT), thin film

transistors (TFT), liquid crystal display (LCD) and current LED flat screen TV. Ideally, there has

been a “tech-war” between companies. Each company boasting of the best brand, quality picture

resolutions, resistance to power surge and dust – name it, you’ll get them in the market.

What TV brand or models should you go before the end of 2015?

People have different taste and desire. There are those who go for price, design, color,

performance or just being obsessed with a particular brand. So what are some of the options you

may consider?

Panasonic TX-65CZ952

This flat screen TV by Panasonic Corporation. Its screen size of 65” with a resolution of 3840 by

2160. This is one of those screens with the best picture quality. It is curved with the dimensions

of 1,448 by 913 by 311. This is a smart TV that tackles the OLED issues.

This is one of the most expensive flat screen TV’s whose retail price is about £8,000. Ideally,

this is one of those TV models designed to set new standards in the industry with its ability to

harness Panasonic’s processing power.

Sony KD-75X9405C

This is yet, another smart TV (Android TV) with a sensational picture and sound quality. A 75-

inch screen with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 and a dimension of 1041 by 1929 by 322 mm. It

has a FreeSat and Freeview HD with an LED panel.

With the Sony 75X9405C, you’re guaranteed of gorgeous colors with one of the best color

contrast in the industry. It has a dynamic audio system. May be something every tech enthusiast

may wish to possess.

LG 55EG960V

The LG Electronics is also not left behind. The company prides of their 55EG960V curved TV.

The screen size of about 55-inches with a resolution being 3840 by 2160 and a dimension of

about 760 by 1226 by 213mm. Its panel technology is OLED and it’s also a smart TV using the

webOS. This is one of those TV models that guarantees one of the best realism.

Samsung UE48JU7000T

In case you’re planning for something less than 55-inches, then you should consider the

UE48JU700T. This is a 48-inches flat screen TV whose tuner features Freeview HD. It has a

dimension of 683 by 1087 by 278 with a screen resolution of about 3840 by 2160. It panel

technology is LED not forgetting that it is a smart TV (Tizen). This TV has an impressive set of

specifications such as the UHD resolution, direct LED lighting and PurColor technologies.

Generally, there are a lot of innovations in the flat screen TV brands and models with each

company trying to have the best. The choice of a specific TV make and model will still depend

on your priority. As a general rule, flat TVs with more sophisticated features and designs tend to

be more expensive. You don’t need to worry, since you’ll get the value for your money.

These 4 models are just a few examples with incredible features. Others may include Toshiba

40L3453DB, Panasonic TX-40CX680B and Samsung UE32J6300 among others. Just get a

reputable brand and explore all the available options based on the following criteria:

1. Screen types; some of the available options include LED TV (either direct of edge LED),

OLED, LCD, Quantum Dot, Plasma, etc.

2. The screen resolution; the available options include HD, Ultra HD and 4K, HDR

3. Sound quality and the size of the screen among other features.

In summary, there are very many types of flat screen TV brand in the market today. It is upon

you to choose one that meets all your specifications.